Long push and short push on trigger button different?

Using KM to program a Streamdeck for Davinci Resolve, I'm wondering:

is it possible to have a short push and a long push trigger different functions? For example, a short push on a Streamdeck memory will store a button, a long push will recall it?

I don't know anything about Streamdeck, but KM can detect and use a "normal" keypress vs a "long key press". These are keyboard keys. Here's a macro do to this. You will have to figure out how/if you can use with Streamdeck.

MACRO: Trigger Option Using Long Press of HotKey [Example]

Tags: ┬╗Trigger ┬╗LongPress ┬╗HotKey

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Thank you! For the moment this might have to wait, since KM currently is not recognizing the different keys of the Streamdeck; it assigns the same ID to every key. But I think in future this will get sorted.