Longish Macro Stalls: Bug?

When my macro gets long enough, it seems to stall partway; is this a known bug?

It's not so complex: System Beep, Pause Until Conditions Are Met, and about a dozen Type Keystroke or Pause for Seconds. When the list is short, everything runs great. Add a few Pause and Type lines at the end -- it stalls on the step before! Once the macro is damaged, it's not enough to remove the added steps.

I'm a new user (and otherwise thrilled with Maestro), so I don't know how to diagnose the problem. (Maestro performs a Type, maybe the following Pause, and then fails to perform a Type.)

I'm on MacOS 12.6.3; application is Parallels Desktop, with Windows 10 as client OS.
Maestro failed macro

Hey Roddy.

Please post actual testable macros and not just images.

Finicky little details hide in macros that are not deducible via images and/or prose, and those are often key to solving a given problem.

The pictures you've shown are virtually meaningless, because the entire macro is not described – nor is there a downloadable, fully visualizable, testable macro file.

Even if you had created a proper image of the entire macro there would still be some of those finicky details hiding behind closed doors...

Take Care,

(Keyboard Maestro Moderator)

Here's an export of the macro.
Access:Excel copy:paste.kmmacros (16.6 KB)

On further testing, the problem seems more subtle than just the final Type-^V action failing.

In the Windows OS running below Parallels, option/tab switches between applications. Normally, that brings Excel to the front with keyboard focus and a cell active, ready for paste. Sometimes, only in response to Maestro, the opt/tab is bringing Excel's window to front but not with keyboard focus.
When I run this macro, with the last two actions inhibited, it seems to run normally except for the keyboard-focus issue, which happens for a few cycles, and then works for a few. It's behavior I've not seen when entering these keystrokes by hand (which has been many hundreds of times in dozens of runs). Makes me wonder if Maestro might be generating an extra keystroke or click...

As a work-around, I've created a second macro with the ctrl/v paste and other actions. I run the first, confirm keyboard focus, and run the second.

Running Keyboard Maestro with emulators has its pitfalls.

A utility that emulates user interactions with the macOS trying to drive an app that emulates another OS.