Looking for a Good WYSIWYG HTML Editor

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@thankful_dude, I noticed that you do web design. May I ask you for a recommendation for a Good WYSIWYG HTML Editor?

I don't need web site design, just an easy to use page designer I can use to design KM Custom HTML Prompts.
It will be mostly layout with heavy JavaScript usage.


And please, anyone who has a good recommendation please jump in.

FYI, here are the HTML editors I have tried, but didn't work out:

  1. BlueGriffon -- was once a promising tool that now crashes every 5 min.
  2. RapidDesigner -- only good for full web site design
  3. KompoZer -- too old, doesn't work well on macOS Sierra+
  4. Dreamweaver (didn't try -- too expensive with a $14/mo subscription)

SeaMonkey Composer is currently under eval.

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This seems like an area of software that has been hurt by the increasing use of Wordpress and Squarespace sites.

MarsEdit from the fine folks who also make FastScripts may be worth trying. I don't believe it's WYSIWYG exactly—it's many years sinceI last used it—instead a setup where HTML is in one window and a preview in another. There is a trial version available and a license is US $50.

The list at this site was compiled recently and has some others you haven't already ruled out, so maybe worth perusing.

Thank you for mentioning SeaMonkey Composer. It suits my needs well as a replacement for Composer :slight_smile:

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This is the HTML editor I'm using Whisk I find it great for trying stuff out and getting an immediate preview of what it looks like! YMMV

Thanks for the suggestion. As you say it is not WYSIWYG, which is one of my primary requirements.

thanks. That is one of the lists I have used.

Thanks for the suggestion. Whisk does look like a great editor, based on the demo video they provided. If I did not need WYSIWYG, it would be at the top of my list.

You're welcome. It is still the best I have found.
In case you did not discover this, you can set SeaMonkey to always open the Composer sub-app by setting this preference:

To work on my Custom HTML Prompts, I use BBEdit, which has a Preview in BBedit command with a live update.

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