Looking for a KM Macro to Create a Clickable Link to a Specific Note in Apple Notes

I have searched this forum and been unable to find an actual macro. I've seen it mentioned and I came across this blog post Linking to Apple Notes – According to Andrea but don't really understand it, maybe KM changed since it was written.

Also I don't know if Ventura added this feature.


Hey Richard,

I'm afraid Andrea does not do a good explaining this task.

If you're using a version of macOS with Shortcuts available, I think you're better off using that mechanism.

How to Create Deep Links to Specific Apple Notes on iOS

Keyboard Maestro can run shortcuts using the Execute a Shell Script action.

I'm still using Mojave, so I can't test the Shortcuts method out myself.

Note's is not very scriptable, and Apple has made it much less useful than it ought to be.


The problem is that's iOS, I need it for MacOS. The directions fall apart at:

  1. Put the cursor between the square brackets you’ve just typed and tap Select Variable in the suggestions above the keyboard.

Then it no longer follows the experience in MacOS.

Any Ideas?

Nope. As I said – I'm still using Mojave.

Maybe I should just go back to EverNote...

I don't love Evernote, but it is a professional solution.

Apple Notes is amateur hour stuff – good for a few basic functions but not for real work – unless you're a masochist.

What do you use?

I use Evernote for capture and long term storage of information, but I'm still on Mojave and using an AppleScriptable version of the app.

I'm experimenting with Obsidian – looking for a more intelligent app for cross-linking information.

I just decided I'm moving to Nimbus, I can't believe what it can do.