Looking for a Way to Set Pulldown Menus via KM

Hello fine Keyboard Maestros,

I've got a question. I do a lot of submitting information via a web form, and would love the ability to set the time (hours and minutes) via a pulldown pragmatically, either through Keyboard Maestro or Javascript.

Can anyone tell me how I might approach this? I am to manipulate the pull-down so I can set a time, e.g. 10 and 50 for 10:50.

Secondarily, is there any way to accurately read a form like this? If I could read via a program that October 14 was selected, that would help the work I'm trying to do.

Hey Peter,

I'd refer to that as a pop-up menu rather than a pull-down menu.

I'd use a click at found image action that used the schedule button for a reference and then type-select using an insert-text-by-typing action.

It might be possible to do this with JavaScript, but that could be a good bit of work.

It looks to me like October 16th is selected...

I would try using a found-image action to locate the highlighted number and see if Keyboard Maestro's OCR (or ShortCut's) could read it.

This too might be possible with JavaScript, but again – it might be a lot of work.


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Thanks! Those are good starting points. I wish Javascript were easier to work with. I'll start plugging away!

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Just wanted to thank you again! I got this working pretty well. The OCR works well for capturing some of the info I need, and I can fudge the rest!

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But... It's a full-bore programming language, and to understand such you have to put in the time.

I've spent countless hours tinkering with JavaScript over 15+ years, and in the last year I've spent a few hours watching YouTube videos on the subject. I didn't get to follow up with that, so I've lost a fair amount of what I learned and will have to review.

Just yesterday I spent a while watching a vid on JSON – I didn't learn much new information, but I got a formal review of stuff I've studied piecemeal.

I still am not even close to happy with my level of comprehension...