Looking for examples of macros using variable arrays

Hello, I read the KBM Wiki and recent forum discussions about variables and tokens. I understand what variable arrays are and the associated syntax but have never seen them used.
In what common situations are variable arrays used ? are they perhaps under used ?
thank you

This wiki section contains some examples.

A common use case seems to be for coordinates (mouse, window, etc.), like for example here:


very interesting. 2 examples, one simple and another rather complex. Thank you very much

Here is an example macro I made that gives you more of an idea of how arrays work and can be used.

Arrays Example (v9.0.1)

Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (5.7 KB)

In practice, I would keep the information in a text file and either read it directly to use in the macro or read it into the variable %Variable%ClientInformationArrays%. The variables that are displayed in the window could be used any way you like. The point is that individual bits of information get extracted from the array, and these bits of information can be used as separate variables.


for data entry. Very interesting. thank you