Looking for help willing to pay

I don’t know if this would be an appropriate place for me to ask for help that I’m willing to pay for (not big bucks but something) If not please accept my apologies and maybe refer me to the proper place.

I just purchased keyboard maestro and I see its power and potential To help me but I don’t have the time to spend learning and seeing if I it can do what I need.

I am looking for someone to create keyboard maestro scripts That would automate some business functions on a website.

If there is any interest I would send the screen capture video to illustrate what I’m talking about. I already started the process and have some rudimentary Scripts. Any participation and help would be appreciated.


Hi Steven,

These forums are amazing and filled with incredibly helpful, generous and skilled people. Keyboard maestro is incredibly powerful, flexible and easy to use automation software.

I'm sure you could get a lot of help from people here without having to pay anyone, but it would help if you were more specific with your needs.

Let us know what you are trying to do with your scripts, post examples of what you've got so far (tips on how to do this here, and upload the screen capture somewhere like dropbox or an unlisted youtube video. Then you'll have a much better chance of getting a response!

I'm no expert but I would be happy to assist if I can.

OK, I just felt funny asking very basic questions.
Thanks for your offer to assist.