Looking for reference on creating a macro to fill in a form in Chrome

I want to create a macro to complete a rather complex form in Chrome that I have to complete regularly. There are radio buttons, fields to complete with text, etc
The answers are always the same.
I want to seize the occasion to become comfortable with creating macros to fill in forms, and I am looking for a reference on creating macros to complete forms which discusses the different actions one can use, the pitfalls, etc.
thank you in advance for your help

If you're looking for a reference, you could do a lot worse than to start with this set of macros by Peter himself:


thank you very much.
I tried @peternlewis's macros which looked very promising, but for some strange reason only fill in 75% of the form. Two text fields are left unfilled, which means that I have to complete the form and click on submit manually.
In my experience, due I am sure to my limited understanding, creating macros to fill forms are source of endless frustration, which prompted my question in the first place.
thanks again for your help and link !

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