Looping Over The Running Applications Collection Won't Acknowledge Running Applications

I set the For Each action to iterate through the running applications, however the iterator variable won't register the specific applications I'm targeting that are running. I used the is and contains operators, however the condition is still false. The Wiki entry for the Running Applications collection says it stores paths to foreground applications but the wording is too ambiguous to figure out (1) whether those are POSIX, HFS or URLpaths (2) whether "foreground" describes active apps, or running apps with a visible layer.

I tried inserting in vain the names of other applications.

A “path” in Keyboard Maestro is always a unix style POSIX path.

“foreground applications” (as distinct from “background applications”) are ones with a visible menu bar.

Use the Log action to log the For Each variable and then examine the Engine.log file to see all the results.

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