Lose font during replacement; technique for keeping selected text selected?

I’m using the various Clipboard filters (lowercase, uppercase, titlecase) with content in MS Word 2016 and Evernote.

My macros work as expected, but the replacement text loses its original font format, defaulting to Helvetica 12pt in Word and Times 14pt in Evernote.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to preserve the selection status of my highlighted text (after the text is replaced) so I can apply an application formatting step to the selected text after the replacement. In other words, I would like to apply an Edit > Clear > Clear Formatting to the selected text in Word or a Format > Simplify Formatting to the selected text in Evernote.

Evernote doesn’t support getting or setting the text selection, so the only way you can do this is to count the characters or words in the clipboard and then simulate a keyboard selection of those.

E.g. Opt-Shift-Left-Arrow x (Number of words) or Shift-Left-Arrow x (Number of characters).

But. Perhaps you can use ‘Paste and Match Style’ in both Evernote and Word to improve things.