Losing New Macros – Conflict With .kmsync File – Using Dropbox

I use dropbox to sync 10 cpu's.
It's worked pretty good for the last 5 years.
I am the only person that does any editing at all so there should be no conflict with others editing macros.
In the last week I've lost a number of new macros I created.
They just aren't there.
I'll stop syncing and restart the syncing to the main .kmsync file and the new macros I know I created are simply gone.
Does anyone have any feedback on this or experience with this happening to them.
My thought is that I now have to create a macro that runs every half hour to check that there is only 1 .kmsync file in the appropriate folder and if there is more than 1 file to notify me that there has been a conflict.
#2 - Is there any way that a macro could check to see the path/filename of the currently select file to sync to? If there is, I could then also check to see that the cpu is syncing to the correct file..... this would be nice.

  • thanx for the therapy =) and I appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

Hi troy

Last week Dropbox was updated on my computer and changed its location. One consequence of that was that the KM-syncs did not work as used, so I had to create a new folder to which my macros are synched. (This time I choose a OneDrive folder instead of Dropbox.)

If you look at the .kmsync file in Dropbox do you have the option to revert to a previous version? Are there other versions saved alongside it with "conflicted copy" in their names?

thanx @weberwa and @Zabobon !
I did not have a problem with dropbox relocating.
2- I can restore old backups from dropbox, that's not a problem. I was really trying to see what may have been the cause....
It may have been that I did go to one of the other computers and check a macro, maybe changed one thing and dropbox was not updated at that point... so when I modified the #2 cpu macro, it became the most current 'set' and backed up everything, therefor wiping out cpu #1.... eh... just a thought.
but thank you for your feedback....

I too have the occasional issue with syncing between my devices. I built a couple of macros that essentially keep a version history of my sync file for the last 7 days. (I do have a paid Dropbox account so I could use it’s Rewind feature if I wanted but I prefer my method)

I’m not home right now but when I’m home tomorrow I’ll share them with you if you’d like to try them out.