M1 Migration Problem

I'm trying to migrate some KM macros to my new M1 Mac mini. However I'm hitting some obstacles. For example, the Screen Capture action doesn't work. Here's what happens: when I insert the action "Screen Capture All Screens / in All Screens / to System Clipboard" all I end up getting in the system clipboard is the screen's background, and part of the system menu at the top of the screen, but I don't get the contents of the screen.

Why are all the windows, including the KM window itself, missing from the screen capture result?

My monitor is a 4K LG monitor. I've tried changing a few settings, to no avail.


Check the screen recording permission in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Make sure Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine have it.

When I installed KM it told me to give that permission to KM itself, which I did, but I don't recall it saying that I also have to give that permission to the KM Engine. But now that you've mentioned it, I did that, and it's working again. You solved my problem, thanks.

I don't think the original warning mentioned the Engine.