Mac Finder auto adjust column view (XtraFinder like)


I updated to OSX Sierra and my most favorite tool XtraFinder is and will not be supported. I have to disable the System Integrity Protection, what my admin does not like.
The best feature of XtraFinder was, that the columns in the finder column view were automatically expanded to the longest file/folder name in each column. I'am so used to this that switching to list view is a pain in my a**.

So I'm looking for a solution with KM.
I played around a little bit but I'm not satisfied with my solution.
I used a workaround with finding a image and alt double click on it. But this only works, if I have already opened two finder windows and switch from one to the other. Also the mouse jumping is not really the best way and sometimes confusing.

Maybe someone has a better idea? With AppleScript?

Thanks for the help!

MichaelFinder resize.kmmacros (20.3 KB)

Hey @MischMaster,

There isn't a good one.

We had a lot of discussion about that when Sierra came out.

Here's an example of what can work.

But it has limits.

Your Finder windows have to have enough columns, and you may have to tweak for UI elements you've set up differently than I have on my system.


Window ⇢ Resize Name Column ⇢ Text Script.kmmacros (7.6 KB)