Mac Monterey Help Needed

I have a Mac (Monterey) situation I could use help with.

For example, in the finder, I can highlight / copy one or more documents such as text documents.

Then I create a new Apple Mail and when I click paste into the body, it will paste in the actual documents.

Many times I totally do Not want this result and what I prefer is to simply paste the names of these documents as text rather than the actual file.

So what I have to do is open Text Edit and paste into a plain text page - and this will print out as text - the document from Finder as full titles which is what I want. Then I can copy this and paste this into the email and I will get the text list in email rather than the actual documents.

Question: is there any simpler method I can use to be able to highlight items in the finder then paste only the names as text in an email rather than the actual files?

Thanks in advance - Dave

I don't use Apple Mail so, for all I know, there's a native solution to this, but:

Copy Names of Selected Files.kmmacros (20 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Just select the items in the Finder as you are doing, copy them with ⌘C as you are doing. Then use a simple Macro like this to paste in just the names and not the actual files into an open Mail document.

Paste as Plain Text in Mail.kmmacros (2.2 KB)


See, I knew I was overcomplicating things.

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Thanks for the good idea.

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Thanks much for this simple solution. Works great!

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