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With previous versions of Mail, Command, Tilde (cmd + ~) to switch between open Mail windows. It's now gone. Is there a Maestro shortcut I can learn to do this/?

Thank you.

It was working in Monterey, I'm just updating a test machine now to the latest version, then I'll check again.

But you haven't changed anything else, have you? For example, switched to using Mail in Full Screen mode?

Edit to add...

Update has gone through, and Mail in macOS Monterey 12.4 still cycles through windows using Cmd-~ (actually backtick, though I can't work out how to include one in a post!).

Check in your Finder's "Window" menu to see what your system expects as the "Cycle Through Windows" shortcut, as it differs by locale. Also check System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts, in the Keyboard section, and make sure "Move focus to next window" is checked and what the shortcut is.

OS 12.4, Mail 16.0, KM 10.1.1
My (cmd + ~) works to select open Mail windows.

Sorry for the late reply. No, I've not changed anything. Monterey 12.4, Mail Version 16.0 (3696.100.31). 'Move tab to new window' is greyed out (if that is the command). Thank you.

Check the shortcut to use in Finder, not Mail -- Mail doesn't show it, though it should honour it. Also check System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts, the Keyboard section, and see how "Move focus to next window" is set.

Remember that it doesn't work in Full Screen mode, and check you haven't set it as a macro trigger for something else!

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Thank you. I seem to have forgotten about this...Must have been reset during an upgrade.