Mac OS Catalina, Davinci Resolve, Streamdeck

I just upgraded from Mojave to Catalina on an iMac Pro. With Mojave, I'd been happily using a Streamdeck XL programmed with Keyboard Maestro. Streamdeck was programmed with the AppleScripts created in Keyboard Maestro.

Anyway, upgraded the OS to Catalina 15.7, Resolve to 16.2.7 and the Resolve application was bogging down badly and occasionally freezing. E.g., blading a cut invoked the spinning beach ball and then some seconds later made the cut.

I downgraded Resolve to 16.2.0. and that worked better. But it seemed like macros were being run without me running them, in other words, the cursor would be doing things that I wasn't doing. Quit Streamdeck and the Keyboard Maestro Engine and that stopped.

I wonder if anyone using Streamdeck and Keyboard Maestro who's upgraded to Catalina might have any thoughts or insights on this problem?


I don't know if this is relevant to your case or not, but you might want to review:
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