macOS Mojave beta 6 Bug

macOS Mojave beta 6 build 18A353d. Chrome browser message. You can not accept. Someone has this problem too ?

Mojave will prompt for every application you want to control with AppleScript/AppleEvents. You just need to OK it (presuming you want to control Chrome from Keyboard Maestro). Keyboard Maestro uses various AppleEvents and AppleScript to control Chrome for the Google Chrome actions, as well as if you explicitly control Chrome using Execute AppleScript for example.

The message pops up all the time. I approve ok, but it does not work.

Beta software is buggy by nature...  🐝


( and nature is :bug: buggy :cricket: by choice )

( or :bee: possibly :ant: accident ? )

Is this new in Beta 6? I just checked Beta 5 and had no issue with it.

Yes, sigh, apparently this is a new bug in Developer Beta 6. The system is now asking for permission to control Safari or Chrome (and probably other applications) every single time that Keyboard Maestro tries to control them (actually, it asks twice each time), making such control pretty much untenable.


Bugreporter radar 43030129 if you want to dupe it.

Maybe beta 7 fix problem

No, the problem remains in Developer Beta 7 / Public Beta 6.

I sometimes wonder if Apple developers even use Keyboard Maestro. Breaking such critical apps like that is huge for mac platform.

Although it is still a beta. I just can't imagine working on a mac without Keyboard Maestro working flawlessly at this point.

Apple developers

The difficulty, I think, is twofold:

  • Recent exploits have sharpened the perennial tension between security and automation, and
  • the balance of forces will inevitably tend to favour security.

Sure, but that argues in favour of working security mechanisms, not broken and buggy ones. If the configuration for the security mechanisms is broken (which it has been in Beta 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 (ie, all except 5), then how can you trust the underlying security mechanism?

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I agree – they may well be just chasing a phantasm, or running from the pressure of a media story – let's hope that they devote more resource and attention to the automation issue once pressure on the other side eases.