macOS Permissions for Using Keyboard Maestro

As some here know I have struggled over the last days getting KM working with some of that struggle being related to all the Privacy permissions that are needed to get KM fully operational.

Two related points in respect of the permissions included at the bottom of this point:

  1. Confirmation that the below permissions are all inclusive; and

  2. If not then please add similar pictures so that there is a reference source. WORTH NOTING additional / different macOS apps will be listed depending on which apps you try to control through KM.

Worth noting, I thought this would be useful to other newbies like me.








Thanks for posting this. I was adding a reply here, when I decided it should be its own topic.

I'm replying here, though, because my post was inspired by @Joel's topic. and it's totally related.

Dan, I appreciate you jumping in.

I think this is the perfect place given it will help people add what they be missing. I wonder whether KM should create a Wiki on this to make an official resource, just an idea.

There are several Wiki articles on the subject. I admit I haven't looked at them very thoroughly.

A macro for revealing the Keyboard Maestro Engine in the Finder

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@ccstone , AWESOME!

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