How To Add "Keyboard Maestro Engine" to Permissions If It's Not There

I hope this isn't a duplicate.

If "Keyboard Maestro Engine" isn't in one of the Privacy Permissions lists, but there's a :heavy_plus_sign: button, then you can add "Keyboard Maestro Engine" like this:

Click the :heavy_plus_sign: button:

You'll notice there isn't a "Keyboard Maestro Engine" application:

So open a separate Finder window, navigate to "Applications/Keyboard Maestro", right-click and select "Show Package Contents:

Then navigate to "Contents/MacOS/Keyboard Maestro Engine", and drag "Keyboard Maestro Engine" over to the System Settings "file open" dialog:

Now just make sure "Keyboard Maestro Engine" is selected, and click Open:

Then you can click the checkmark, and you're good to go:


A macro for revealing the Keyboard Maestro Engine in the Finder

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Edit and change tcc data base in place:

$HOME/Library/Application Support/

Hello fnyclah, can you explain what’s the purpose of this command ?

Thank you

My idea came from this github code page – please read it.

TCC.db is a sqlite database, so using a sqlite3 editor we can edit it (but it requires root privileges or SIP to be disabled).

There are so many flags. but "All" is for any purpose.