Macro activation when another Mac is connected

Is it possible to active a specific Macro when another Mac (also with KM) is connected to the same network ?
example: when I connect my MacBook and my iMac on my network, I want to launch automatically DropCopy on both machines...

Thanks in advance

Well, nothing directly that I can think of but you might be able to piece something together.

If both have KM running, you could make a trigger for when either of your Macs joins the Wi-Fi network that says “look for the other Mac” using 'ping’ or some such.

If the other Mac is found you could open the apps you want.

I’m on my iPhone at the moment or I’d see about drafting something up. Give me a shout later If you want to pursue this idea. Maybe someone else will have a better idea in the meantime.

Here's an untested idea:

Let us know if this works for you, or you have questions.

I use Siri shortcuts (SSH action) to log my Mac's on and off like here @Filou


You can do this with any KM macro. With the iOS App Pushcut I have for example set up a time trigger with an iOS push notification with which I can decide if my Mac's should be synchronized with the App ChronoSync.

Advantage: I have control at any time when the KM macros should start.

Hi tjluoma, Hi JmichaelTX,

thanks for your responses.
I had just read a post about Remote Trigger.
Maybe that would be the solution.
I'll try to test it...
I remain interested by any suggestion :wink:

Hi Appleianer,
thanks for the suggestion.
As of today, i don't use Siri but why not ...

Today, I tested the 'remote trigger' solution.

When I launch DropCopy on one of the 2 machines via an 'Activate' action,
I do also a 'get url' on the other machine
with the trigger generated by a second macro itself 'triggerered by a remote trigger'
and which launches Dropcopy on this other machine.
(as explained on )
And it works ...
(Note that my macros are synchronized on the 2 machines)

That's good to hear.
Would you mind uploading your macros so that others can benefit?
Please make sure you obscure the Remote Trigger ID so no one else can see it.


I'll try it ... after the week-end.
Thanks for the link

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ok, let's try it...

1: I create a trigger macro on both Mac's:

It's the macro that

("play_sound " is there just as a "warning" )

2: I create the trigger activation also on both Mac's:

When KM launchs Dropcopy on a Mac,
it asks me if it's necessary to launch it on the other Mac
(may be not if the other Mac is not running or ... )
In that case KM activates the trigger on the other Mac
and launchs it on the current machine

note that

  • the url (in Get url Action) is obtained via the Copy Button (2) in the first macro
    and is specific for each Mac
  • the variable Trig_DropC is jus there for my test
    it acts as a return code (1=ok, 0=not ok)
  • the macro's are synchronized on my Mac's

That's all...
(sorry for my very bad English... :confounded: )