Macro containing Skitch snapshot + evernote sync: how do I keep the app in the background?

I wrote the simple macro below. Basically it allows me to make crosshair snapshots with Skitch.
Although I usually use snagit, skitch has the distinct advantage of syncing with evernote.
It's an unusual way of making notes, which is however effective when one is taking notes from documents in very diverse formats (text, images, tables, pdfs).
There is one minor irritant: every time I trigger the macro, the app skitch window flashes on the screen before the crosshairs are displayed.
Is there any way to keep the app in the background throughout the whole process?
Thanks very much for your time and help


I'm using latest Skitch version and don't see the flash, maybe it was removed?

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Hi, I abandoned Skitch after realizing that the annotations summary was limited to one page of annotations.

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