Macro create evernote note and include first line as title

One problem with evernote is the separate title field (which also has advantages in terms of searches). When creating a note, the user is in the body of the note and has to add the title.
Evernote used to have a 'use first line as title' option, which it dropped.
It should not be an insurmountable problem because the evernote extension automatically adds the title (in addition to the body of course).
Is it possible to create a macro, which would be triggered from within the body of the text of an evernote note, and which would copy / paste the first line into the title field ? First line could be defined as perhaps a '.' or a carriage return or even, perhaps even better, a specific set of characters like $£
thanks very much for your time and help

Yes. Something like this in pseudo-code:

  1. Type the text which you want as title in the first line of the EN body
  2. Trigger a KM Macro
    1. Select that entire line (paragraph actually)
    2. Copy
    3. Move to Title Field
    4. Paste
    5. Move back to bottom of body

Steps 2.1, 2.5 done with KM Type Keystroke
2.3 would use KM Select Menu

Sorry, that's all the time I have right now. But that should get you started.

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thank you ! I will work on it.