Macro date range

Hi there,

I am new to KM and need to do smth that would be very helpful for me, but I am not sure if it can be accomplished.

I do always work with data ranges and I have to type many times a day the first day of a particular month (ddmmyy), press TAB, and then last day of that month. i.e. July:


What I would love is a macro to fill it up for me. For example, by typing "jjuly" or any other keyword, KM would return: 010722 TAB 310722. Or "jjune" and get "010622 TAB 300622".

Can this be accomplished ? If so, could you please give me a hint ?


Hi and welcome to the forum!

How about this? Trigger the macro, type the number of the month you're referring to, hit enter.

FirstDay LastDay.kmmacros (46 KB)

Macro screenshot

Many many thanks, that was exactly what I wanted. I would had had a hard time figuring it out by myself. Falling in love with KM...