Macro: Defer/Snooze and Restore Mail Messages

This macro library provides a way to “snooze” messages until later. Snoozed messages will be moved into a specified folder and then restored to the Inbox at a later time. (Kind of like Google Inbox or the Mailbox application.) This gives you a quick trip to “Inbox Zero” without having to deal with every single message all at once.

This requires two or more macros - one to quickly snooze messages from Mail, and one or more macros (depending on the number of snooze schedules/folders you want) to restore messages on a regular basis.

Sounds complicated, but as you’ll see from the examples, it’s pretty straightforward. The download includes a read-me file with setup instructions including screenshots.

Download (updated 7/26):

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I use SaneBox for this, but your version requires fewer clicks. Thanks for sharing it.

Yup. SaneBox was the inspiration. That was the only feature I used and I just couldn’t justify the monthly cost.

Only downside is that this won’t work on mobile, so I need to keep a mail client open 24/7 if I want it to run automatically.

New version just uploaded. This manages missed executions so that the restores are guaranteed to occur even if KM and/or Mail are closed during a scheduled run. Last thing you want is to over-snooze messages.

hi @iNik,

Your macros sound very interesting. Unable to download from your website. Can you share those here?

Thank you!