Macro: Excel / Word, Zoom to 1x0% (v10.0.2)

Zoom to 1x0% Macro (v10.0.2)

This is my latest iteration of a macro to zoom MS Excel or MS Word to anywhere from 100% to 180%. This is necessary because 100% is rarely the appropriate zoom for MS Excel on a macOS device I've found. I have no idea why, but so be it. This macro takes any shortcut from Control-Option-1 through to Control-Option-8 and then sets the zoom level to 1(x)0%. 1 actually gives 100% which doesn't technically follow the pattern, but you can long press that same combination to give 110% if you really need it. I used to just have four separate macros to do 100%, 120%, 150%, and 170%, but I've wanted the 140% option a bit recently so I reworked it all and also made it a single macro in the meantime.

Note that this won't actually work for MS Word at the moment as it's in a group that is locked to MS Excel, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Download your copy of this macro here:
Zoom to 1x0%.kmmacros (8.4 KB)

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While I don't use any Microsoft products, this is a great idea and has me thinking of making a similar macro for Apple's native apps. Thanks for sharing!

This is saving me tons of time. Thank you very much, @vincent_ardern :smiley_cat:

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