MACRO: Export .kmmacros Macros as JSON for File Compare

Export .kmmacros Macros as JSON for File Compare

I'll admit that this is fairly esoteric, but if you've ever tried to compare .kmmacros files, you know how hard it can be to figure out what changed.

This macro exports the macros inside a .kmmacros file as separate JSON files. I think JSON is much easier to compare than XML. Example:

Compare using JSON:

Compare using XML (which is what's inside .kmmacros files):

Give this macro a try and see if it makes it easier for you. See the comments at the start of the macro for usage instructions.

Export .kmmacros Macros as JSON for File Compare.v1.0.kmmacros (81.0 KB)

I'll make a post below to mention some file compare programs I've used. Feel free to post your own favorites.


These are my favorite file compare programs.

#1 - Beyond Compare

Don't let the early-2000's look of the Beyond Compare Website chase you away. This is a great program, and the one I always use.


This is comparing two folders:

Double-click a file, and you get something like this, although it's highly customizable so it may not look like this for you:

#2 - BBEdit

BBEdit is a great all-around editor, with tons of features. It's file/folder compare is decent.



What's your favorite file compare progams?