Macro firing twice from MIDI trigger

Hello there,
I'm setting up an iPad as a way to trigger KM macros and all the macros are triggered twice and I don't understand why.

Here is the setup I have. I'm running TouchOSC on the iPad with TouchOSC Bridge on the Mac. There are basically buttons on the iPad that are configured to send MIDI notes over the bridge. On KM I set each macro to be triggered by a specific note on a specific channel. All the macros have only one trigger, which is specific to one USB Device (the TouchOSC Bridge).

Each and every one of these trigger their specific macros twice when presses once. I found a way to circumvent that with the use of a semaphore lock with a timeout (thanks to this forum), but it's a patch that I'd prefer not to have to use. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? (BTW, I have no idea how to use the share with KM forum function, if anyone can point me to the documentation for that).

I had this issue but then I found out that the problem was I had TouchOSC connected via WiFi and also via USB, so now I make sure I only have the app connected through USB, and now my macros fire once.

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Cool, thanks for the information I'll check that.