Macro for calculating and pasting day of week based on date?

Dear Helpful Folks,
I'm frequently writing emails and texts where I propose dates for meetings and for clarification want to add the correct day of the week (in prentheses) such as today (Sunday) or August 2 (Thursday). Has anyone developed a macro that would calculate it? Is a keyboard trigger my best bet after highlighting the date? Thanks!

This sample macro should get you started. No need to highlight anything, just trigger it via keyboard or however else you like whenever you want to paste a day of the week enclosed in parentheses:

Paste Day of Week for Specified Date.kmmacros (2.4 KB)


It defaults to the current date, so if you just want to paste today's day of the week all you need to do is hit enter at the prompt.

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Thanks so much. I copied everything as you showed, but the prompt comes up with % signs at the beginning of each field. Any idea what I might have done wrong? I wasn’t clear if the character after the % sign and before CU is a capital I, a small l or the character under the delete key, which I never remember the name for. FWIW, I used that character, but thought I’d confirm with you before I tried changing.

No problem. It’s a capital “I”, like the pronoun. But you shouldn’t need to replicate it by hand; you can just download the macro and modify it to suit your needs. I would try that first just to make sure the syntax is correct.

Thanks gglick! It serves me right for reading this thread on my ipad. But I did learn a new bit of info about the I, the l, and the | as a result!

Happy to help, Pommette. Incidentally, the ICU stands for International Components for Unicode, in case you were at all curious as why the token is called what it is.

So is this solution working for you now? Is everything set up the way you want it to work, or is there anything you'd like to change to better suit your needs?