Macro for creating a PDF in Apple's Notes App

On iOS I have a Workflow that creates a PDF from a page in Safari and creates a entry in Notes with the PDF file. Click on the PDF in Notes and it can be edited (e.g. add highlights). The Workflow only needs 2 very simple steps to do this. I’d like to do the same on on my Mac but I don’t see a similarly easy solution using KM.

I searched the forums and don’t see a easy PDF creation action. So I presume doing something like using Safari’s File->Export as PDF menu item would be required. I know how to select the menu item and ‘type’ in a name for the PDF. What I don’t know how to do is to tell it where to save the PDF (other than the default location). Kindly hints would be appreciated.

If you always want to save exported PDFs to the same location, the easiest way is with Default Folder X, as it lets you, you guessed it, set default folders by app. You can see an example here:

However, if you don't already have Default Folder, and don't know if it's worth the money, you can also automate changing the save location by having KM type the ⇧⌘G keystroke when the save dialog opens, then insert the path to your preferred destination:

Export PDF Save Dialog

Go to the Folder Window Triggered by ⇧⌘G

New Path Inserted

If you look around the forum, there have been examples of this exact kind of automation shown before, so if you run into any issues getting this to work on your own you should be able to find something that worked for similar situations for someone else.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I stopped using DF many years ago so the solution you outlined will work well. Cheers.

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