Macro for stepping through all articles in Instapaper?

I'm undertaking a project to move all of my articles saved in Instapaper to DevonThink … I already have a script that takes a csv file of URLs exported from Instapaper and has DT save them, but this fails miserably with sites behind a firewall/login because it uses the original URLs and not URLs of the articles saved in Instapaper.

I'm wondering whether there's a way to step through all the articles on Instapaper and either save them as PDFs to DevonThink, or invoking DT's web clipper at that point to save the articles to DT.

I took a quick look at the Instapaper website and API, and I don’t see any way to automate this, unfortunately. Once you are viewing an article there are no keyboard shortcuts that I could find, and even the “Share” functions just send the title and URL, not the content.

If I was going to try to export from Instapaper, I would create a simple macro to “Print” and then “Print to PDF” (use David Spark’s Print to PDF ‘trick’ to assign a keyboard shortcut to ‘Print to PDF’ which will make this easier.

But you still need to load each Instapaper article before you trigger that macro, and then delete it manually. (Someone who knows JavaScript might be able to help triggering the ‘Delete’ button, but I am not that someone.)

I’d be glad to be proven wrong.

(If I want to save things these days, I use Safari’s Reader View or Instapaper’s “formatter” and then print to PDF or save as a webarchive.)

Thanks so much. What I had forgotten is that simply by "favoriting" an article an Instapaper, one can send it directly to Evernote. And DT can import fairly simply from Evernote.