Macro for taking notes while watching online videos for studying

Use case: Watching online educational videos and taking notes.

I am trying to build a macro to use while I’m studying online courses from places like Pluralsight or Lynda. The macro would do the following:

  • Pause the video
  • Capture time code
  • Capture URL with embedded time code
  • Pop-up dialog for note input
  • Take time code, url, and note and append to a note file on the video.
  • Restart the video where it was paused.

I’m pretty new to KM and not sure where to get started or whether I need to use AppleScript or something else to augment it.

I use Transdown with InqScribe (and a few KM macros) for this, tho InqScribe is getting just a little long in the tooth, and beginning to look odd on Sierra screens.

Also, Inqscribe works with local rather than browser-streaming video files.

One might be able to write a KM macro to work with a specific browser video client (e.g. YouTube), but there’s probably less scope for doing something more generic, if you are working with a variety of video clients - not sure what technology Pluralsight or Lynda use, for example.