Macro: Get Counts of Enabled and Disabled Macro Groups and Macros

Hey Folks,

Here's a macro with a little more polish than the AppleScript above.


Keyboard Maestro -- Counts of Enabled and Disabled Macro Groups and Macros v1.00.kmmacros (5.9 KB)


A different way to getting the total number of Enabled or Disabled macros is to type the letters "e:" or "d:" in the search box of the editor, and the total number appears in the status bar of the editor a second later. I'm sure this is obvious to most of you reading this, but it's worth mentioning.

I knew there were advanced search features for this box, but only now did I look them up.

The advanced parameter that really surprised me was this one: "use:1d" which lets you list only the macros that were used in the last day. That could be very useful.

I would like to see a new filter that selects macros based on a minimum size. Eg, "size:10000" would list all macros over 10,000 bytes in size. This is actually not a bad idea. It would really help me right now with getting rid of big macros to improve the KM Editor's performance. And I would never say any new feature should be easy to implement, but that's how I feel about this one. :slight_smile:

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I have noted the feature request for a size filter. It may be problematic tho, as it would be expensive to compute, but maybe I can cache things.

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Understood. But I don't mind waiting a long time for search results that returns the names of all my large macros. It's always your call.