Macro Group available in Chrome, when focused tab is not Google G Suite

Regex help appreciated.

I've been trying to make this work but no luck so far:

I have set up shortcuts for an app called Figma
which also works in the browser (

Now, the shortcuts work fine in, and some browsers: Chromium, Safari and Firefox, everything but Google.


Why the need to match:
I use same keyboard shortcuts in Google G Suite tabs.

Thought about removing the Activated filter, and instead adding a "check" at the beginning of each macro, as in
Evaluate "if it's running in Chrome do X".


I don’t understand your regex (for example, what is the group for). Can you explain for what window titles you want to have it enabled? / not enabled? Some samples?

PS: I’m not using “GoogleG Suite”, nor do I know what this is.

Hi Tom,
Google G Suite websites are the usual, Google Docs, Google Slides, Sheets, they all use "Google something" in their title:

for those, the Macro group -such as the one for Google Sheets- uses this:

For Figma:

Yeah, I imagined something like that. But it happens that I don't like to use all that Google crap. (Take it, or leave, no options :wink: )

That’s why I asked you for some samples (for the window title regexes). Providing samples would enable me to help you even without installing these Google thingies.

Obviously my help will be limited to the regexes. But maybe it helps.

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it's fine man,
Closing this thread for now. I'll just use Firefox (just noticed Chromium has a weird behavior with the Esc key), Figma seems to run fine in it.

No need to close, there are plenty of Google lovers on the forum. Give them a bit of time (they have Google spyware running around all the system, which slows things down :wink: ).



as long as we don't mention Larry or Sergei I think we're fine :wink:

Thanks, mate, going to get some beer now…