Macro group duplication/ detecting if enabled/disabled with same name?

So I have a complicated problem but I think if there's a solution to this small piece I can solve it on my own.

I have a macro in a group that checks if other macros in that group are enabled or not, lets call the macro that checks "execute macro"- using the "if macros is enabled or disabled" action. The result allows me to figure out what macros I need to launch if any.

I then COPIED THE GROUP that contains all the macros. the new "execute macro" will check if macros are enabled or disabled - the names of the macros that the "execute macro" checks are identical so when I copy the group I am not sure if it is checking the macro in the previous group or in the new group?

It appears to me that KM will automatically identify that the group was copied and apply a "execute macro" or "disable macro" action specific to the macro in that group, but does it ignore the macro it was copied from?

I hope im making sense.

From my experience, if I do an execute macro action and I chose a macro, then I copy the macro and the chosen macro that executes and I trigger the new execute macro action, it only executes the new chosen macro that was copied with it. Would it be safer to start macros with their remote trigger using the remote trigger action? I just want to make this easy for me to duplicate as some macros run for a few hours and I am setting up multiple people to use them, so I need a copy (or a few) of each macro. Im sure you see I can't use the semaphore since the macros run for a long time so the start of the next execution would be very delayed. I am thinking I can make copies and if one is running the execute the copy.

The goal is to copy a group of macros and execute whatever I need within that group for each user without it conflicting with the group or groups it was copied from. Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I think I just need some insight. And I am using all LOCAL variables.

(Can I trigger the same macro while it is running? I can pass a parameter to it for each unique ID I need per user, they use all local variables so when KM runs it as a separate instance, the local varialbes shouldnt effect one instance and another?)

okay, I am keeping this up for discussion or information for someone else but I found the answer... I can just launch the same macro as many times as I want since its all local. I just found out the trigger value is unique everytime so that helps a lot...