Macro group stopped working

I have a simple macro group that I activate with a hot key that shows a palette for one action. The actions are styled text insertions that are activated by a single character string (e.g., a, b, c, etc.).

However, this macro has recently stopped working.

The initial action that brings up the menu palette works (the menu palette appears and I can see the action in the debugger) but none of the following actions work (the area I run the action in is empty and the debugger does not register the action).

I have recreated the problem by creating a new macro group and adding a single action to it but I experience identical symptoms.

I am running 6.4.6.

Any ideas?

Hey Blair,

If you want help you're going to have to post the macro file. It's simple. Export the macro, and use the upload button in the Discourse editor.

Blind speculation is usually a cumbersome way to troubleshooting a problem.


You can also select the macro group, macro, or actions, and then choose Edit -> Copy -> Copy as Image, and post that image to the group so we can see what the macro is.

The Select Clipboard Image File macro is useful for posting images from the clipboard.