Macro Icon Not Showing Correctly in Display Text Briefly (KM10)

Something that I have just noticed happening - with some macros that I run, which use an application icon as the macro icon, when the Display Text Briefly message appears, it is not showing the icon correctly. It looks like the kind of thing you see when viewing an app from an older OS that no longer runs (this is not the case with the app in question).

Here's the macro in the editor:

And here is how it shows when run:

It's not a blocker; the macros all still run … it just looks wrong and is a little disconcerting to see.

Any ideas?

This is Version 10.0, BTW


Launch Services is picking up an old version of Keyboard Maestro and showing that (with the disabled overlay) instead.

Most like you have an old version of Keyboard Maestro on your Mac somewhere. Search for that and remove it, and then you may need to restart.

Alternatively, you can try:

  • Quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine
  • Open your Application folder
  • Find Keyboard (version 10)
  • Duplicate it.
  • Trash the original, ideally empty the trash.
  • Rename the copy back to Keyboard
  • Launch Keyboard Maestro.

That usually gets the launch services system to notice the new version and thus correct the icon.

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