Macro Info - Track Usage

Keyboard Maestro doesn't have anyway of tracking usage and history of a macro does it? Not a huge deal but I found it pretty nice in QuicKeys to see how many times a key command has been used as well as the creation date.

I converted this example to Keyboard Maestro otherwise the play count would be higher.

Something like this:

Nope there is nothing like that. Not yet anyway.

Oh that is awesome, absolutely yes, with the addition of a creation date if possible, I look forward to the future, way to go Peter!

Hey Peter,

That’s splendid!

I would like to see the creation date too, so I know the age of the macro.


I need to keep track of an application use. That is, I’d need to create a data list (a CSV, for instance) that indicates: “when such application was being used (not just opened) such keystroke was pressed at this date and time”. It is important for me to differentiate between an app that is being used and an app that is just opened in the background since what I’m actually aiming to is to know how many hours has a user been working on an application.

So, my question is: Can Keyboard Maestro keep track of:

  1. When an application is being used
  2. When a key is pressed and which one is it (either from a mouse, a keyboard or a trackpad)
    If Keyboard Maestro has not an Action or a macro that does keep track of any of these, is there someone reading this that could dedicate some remunerated time on writing some code in order to retrieve such information from the system?
    Thank you!

There may be an app that tracks this but I have not find it.
Thank you to all!

Hey There,

Keyboard Maestro would not be ideal for that sort of tracking.

Two apps I’m aware of but have not used:


os x time tracking


Thank you! I’m going to check them right now. There is also this app/web service that keeps track of the daily usage but does not keep track neither of of each keystroke nor of which app is opened; the app/web service is called Hubstaff and although is closed to what I need it does not suit my precise necessity.

I’ll give some feedback after checking and


A few more are

This one is pretty nice and has an iWatch app integration but not quite what you are looking for with just apps.


As a side note if you ever find an app you like that is close or does what you want you can find similar apps by typing it into and find the similar apps at the bottom.

I have used a few of these in the past and great for knowing what apps you use over a week or months time before you do a major OS upgrade.