Macro just stops working

Hi Guys,

i have a Macro which is Automating some Webtasks. The Macro repeats the Action for like 30 times. Every repetition is around 20 Minutes.

My issue is that the macro just stops working at some point. Not even the Timeouts are working.
Would anyone be so kind to check it?

LinkedInAutomationv2.kmmacros (116.2 KB)

I'm afraid your macro is too complex and the issue too vague to reasonably debug it.

I would suggest you check the Engine.log file to ensure there are no reports of problems there, and then check each action and ensure it is notifying of any failures and any timeouts are appropriate.

Then I would add some logging (with the Log action). Maybe a lot of logging. So that you can determine where the macro stops working.

A macro stopping could also be caused by the system/target application no longer doing as expected so that it is possible the macro is running to completion but some of the actions are being ignored or being ineffective.

Hi there! Thanks for your response. I thought so too, that its too complex.
The Thing is that my Macro is running well for like 4-5 Hours doing the same thing over and over again just for different Social Media Accounts.

I tried to log everything but the Macro just stops randomly at any point. In the KBM Manual i read something about a certain Queue where all the Actions are listed and if the Queue is too long or so that the Macro just stops Working and i think this might be the case, because i have 3-4 Shell scripts which curl data from sheets.

Is there anything you can recommend me to solve this one problem? Maybe longer Pause times or so?

If that were the case you’d see a message in the KM Engine log. Have you looked there as @peternlewis suggested?

Hi guys. I just checked the Logs and i found this line here:
2023-09-13 19:28:53 More than 50 simultaneous macros - aborting everything

The weird thing is that i dont have 50 simultaneous macro which perform any action...

Any idea how to debug here?

Have a look here:

And specifically at this post in that thread:


Wow this helps a lot. Thanks for sharing! I try to rewrite my macro and increase the Limit to 200. I hope it will work then!

I noticed i also created tonnes of groups in my Macro for more structure, but it seems that its Not what its used for.

That's exactly what I use the Group action for all the time.

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