MACRO: [KM] Make Variable Token From Highlighted Text

#[KM] Make Variable Token From Highlighted Text
@cfriend 02/26/17
[KM] Make Variable Token From Highlighted Text.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

This macro makes a variable token from the highlighted text.

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Thanks for sharing. I have a similar macro, that does not require a script for this simple action:

I don't like to immediately paste the result, because often I am selecting the KM Variable from another Action where I don't want it to be pasted, like:

If I don't want the Variable Token to remain on the clipboard, I use a special "Paste & Remove" macro which does the paste then removes the last item from the Clipboard History.

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That way is much simpler, yes. I am trying to do more with AppleScript and am using every opportunity. I like your idea of not immediately pasting. I will make a similar macro for that.

Yes, those are useful. I use pdel and tdel as Typed String triggers for “Paste and Delete History 0” and “Type and Delete History 0” Macros, respectively. Pdel covers almost all occasions, but some fields don’t accept pasting (gift card numbers, etc.) and Tdel fills that gap.


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