MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros v1.4 Released 2021-12-09

In the Finder, move the KMFAM Macros somewhere. Anywhere. it doesn’t matter where, but you have to move it to turn off AppTranslocation. Then presumably you have to run it again.

Basically, when you run an application you have downloaded without first moving it in the Finder, it will run as if it is at some random “translocated” directory.

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Peter or @JMichaelTX - I wanted to update the original post to reflect this information, but it doesn’t appear that I can edit the original post any longer. Am I just missing something, or is there a reason I can’t update the original post?


The Forum software is set to allow updates for only a short period.
Maybe Peter can increase this limit, or even remove (which would be my preference, especially for the “macro” forum category).

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The limit is set to 60 days which is probably not entirely unreasonable. I can’t change it just for the macros topic unfortunately. I granted you moderator permissions which should resolve it for this and most other cases.

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Thank you Dan and Peter. Moving it to Applications and installing from there did it :+1:

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Oh de[ea]r, how to explain this?

Dan, I adore what you are scripting, your contributions, above all your KM meta macros, but I clicked on your above link Favorite Actions and I found myself overwhelmed by headings with all-caps words/phrases, and on top of that with a cheaply flashing GIF, which didn’t tell me anything of interest.

The GIF made me so nervous that I killed the tab. Of course I went back after that, because I was curious and I knew that you have to say something, beyond that stupid GIF.

But why not posting things in a normal/readable manner, without caps-lock ugliness, without splashing GIF-ness, just simple text with some adequate formatting? You know I love you :wink:

In this post I said I’d reply via PM, but instead I decided to reply publicly, below.

It’s all good, by the way. :smile:

Tom -

Thanks for the reply, and I'm really glad you posted it.

First, let me say that you owe it to yourself to not let the distraction prevent you from using the macro. I know you missed it, but here's a link to a video that demonstrates the macro:

OK, now on to your criticism(s). Please know that this is all done with a huge smile on my face.

all-caps words/phrases

  1. I always capitalize the first "MACRO:". KMFAM is an acronym, and as such is a valid use of capitalization.
  2. UPDATED. Calling attention to the fact that the macro has been updated.
  3. UPDATED. Calling attention to the fact the Video has been updated.

That's it. Unless you're complaining about capitalizing "OS/X" or "PDT". :slight_smile:

This has to be the shortest macro post I've ever made.

a cheaply flashing GIF

Valid. It was one of my first attempts. Perhaps I should just feature the video.

When we're done having fun with this, I'll edit the post, assuming I can still edit it.

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@DanThomas, @Tom, and all:

First, let me reaffirm this is one of the best KM tools that has ever been produced. I use it many, many times a day (when writing macros), and it greatly reduces my workflow time, while making my macros more consistent, robust, bug-free.

[quote="Tom, post:119, topic:4854"]
cheaply flashing GIF, which didn't tell me anything of interest.

The GIF made me so nervous that I killed the tab

@Tom, I don't see anything "cheap" about it, and of course animated GIFs do "flash" as they change frames.

While I found it distracting, it certainly did not make me nervous.


Having said that, although in general I like animated GIFs, in this case it moves too fast through a complex process, so that the uninformed user can't really learn much from it.

Since you have a great video, I'd lose the GIF, replace it with a succinct outline of the purpose and use of your tool, and then have the link to the video.  I don't know how others might view this, but I usually won't bother with a video (because it always takes more time) unless I have been first convinced by a brief description of the video.

Hope this helps.

@Tom - I’ve changed the original post.

This discussion has helped me a lot, and it will help with future macros, so I can’t thank you enough.

But I can, at least, thank you, so… Thanks! :smile:


I just read this and think this is a fabulous piece of work! Hats of to @DanThomas:)

I then tried to install, downloaded zipfile, unpacked it, moved it to desktop and clicked the installer i get an apple event time out error.
The install works just fine and i can set the resource files. But….when i want to use the macro’s they simply don’t fire/work. If i change the triggers to F13 it doesn’t work. If i go into the kmfam macro and use ‘try’ it DOES work…? What’s happening here? I do work on a retina mac so maybe that's the problem. I tried quitting the KM engine, reboot and reinstall but no joy....

I'd love to work with this so maybe there's a solution to be found somewhere or something i missed. Any help is appreciated, thanx.

os x 10.12.6
imac (retina 5k, 27-inch, late 2014)
memory 16gb
amd radeon r9 m295x 4096mb

KM 7.3.1

Obviously a nit but can you correct the spelling of “Actions” on the installer? You have “Actions”. :slight_smile:

That is very strange. I have installed the KMFAM macro system on several Macs now without any issues.

I’d suggest that you reboot your Mac and run the KMFAM Macros again.

The “Try” button is just for one Action, it is NOT to try running a macro.
By default I believe that @DanThomas uses the following hotkeys to trigger his macros:

  • ⌘F15 – trigger the [KMFAM] Add Action(s)
  • F15 – trigger the [KMFAM] Select or Switch to Insert Action by Name

Of course, you will need to run the “Add Actions()” macro first to add some Actions to the system.

You may want to view @DanThomas’ video to understand how to use his macros:

As i already noted in my previous post, quitting km engine, reboot and reinstall didn’t work (the same problem).

I did watch the video. I thought maybe it would work if i changed the triggers to use f13 (to rule out keyboard issues).

I used ‘try’ on one action, namely ‘execute macro’ within one of the kmfam macros. It fired up and i added the action as a test, which worked…

(As a side note: i have used ‘try’ on all actions within a macro at the same time and this worked. I have to say these macro’s were not very big…)

So the problem remains:
The macros simply won’t trigger. The log files also mention nothing, as in nothing is being triggered.

That most likely means one or both of these:

  1. Make sure the macos are in a group that is global, and is enabled.
  2. Make sure the macros are enabled.

For more info, see Troubleshooting (KM Wiki)

Thanx for the quick response, this i haven’t checked properly (aarrgh!). I will check when i’m at work (the Netherlands here, it’s 08:00 in the morning) and report back.

Though this still doesn’t explain the time-out error? Any ideas why that happens? It comes up the moment i run the installer.

After some more testing i found the unlikely culprit. It seems the app Keyboard Maestro was duplicated in my Applications folder (ahem…:rolling_eyes:). And so i had two KM apps, the second one was called Keyboard Maestro 2. This was the app that was opened each time, opening from the dock…sigh

I deleted the second app, rebooted and installed KMFAM again (still got the time-out error ?) but this time everything seems to work fine. I’ll leave it at that and start enjoying this fine set of macro’s.

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Is it possible to share a bundle of all the favourite actions and macros I created with other people?

Something that other KM users can open and all the favourite actions/macros will be loaded into their library?

Just thinking out loud here…

If you’re familiar with JSON, then it would be doable.

  1. Make a copy of your FavoriteActions.json file (paths are listed below).

  2. Open the copied JSON file in an editor, and apply some sort of JSON formatter to it.

  3. Edit the file to include only the actions you want to share.

  4. Find the associated images in the Images folder.

  5. Package everything up and give it to someone.

  6. They’d have to merge the JSON into their own, probably by hand.

  7. And they’d need to copy the images into their Images folder.

They should probably back up their KMFAM Resources folder first. :slight_smile:

  • You can find out where your Resources folder is by inspecting the KM variable “DND__kmfamResourcesFolderPath”.

  • The current prefs are in a subfolder of the “prefs” folder, with a name like “.prefs”.

  • From there, you can find the FavoriteActions.json file, and the Images folder.

That’s all I have time for. Someone could definitely automate this, if they were so inclined. If someone wants to tackle this, I’ll answer questions (to a reasonable degree).

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This is absolute wizardry. Thanks for making it available to everyone here.

I know @peternlewis has seen this, and it could very well be an official feature one day. My only worry is that this is so well polished that Peter has no incentive to actually code the feature himself :sweat_smile:


Tried to use this installer on Sierra; launched from the Downloads folder; app first requested I help it find itself??? Very weird; would have expected an Applet to use ‘Path to Me’ in its script to find itself. Anyway, crashed when I selected it in the Downloads folder.

Next attempt it skipped the path dialog; assume it is now in a property; it then asked where to store the macros; defaulted to Documents folder. I navigated to ~/Library/Application Supprt/Keyboard Maestro/Third Party Macros; it promptly crashed again.

Tried again, navigated to the same folder; now it repeatedly reports 'Can’t locate [file names] in ‘/private/var/tmp[…, etc.]’

What’s the trick to getting this installer to work?