MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros v1.4 Released 2021-12-09


The issue is apparently in the macro "[kmfam]~Get Image for Action (Sub-Macro)".

Can you try changing "Get image pixel size" to "Get image point size" and see if that makes any difference? You'll need to add a new action, or at least replace the image of an existing action.



My statement above could be interpreted to mean I wanted you to add a new action to the macro “[kmfam]~Get Image for Action (Sub-Macro)”. I do not want you to do that. Just add a new Favorite Action and see if the image is fixed.


Making this change:

Produces this KMFAM pref image on Laptop #1 Running KM 7.3 (it is just white):

and produces this KMFAM pref image on Laptop #2 Running KM 7.2.1:

So it appears to solve the "tall image" issue on 7.2, but not 7.3.

EDIT: Two more images for clarification:

Stepping away for appx. two hours. Can continue after that.


I'll bet if you change the highlighted value:

to either 485 or 242, you'd see the image. Can you try that and see?

If that works, can you try it with multiple image heights, to see if that is a universal fix, or only works for certain heights? You don't have to get carried away - just try two or three different heights.


OK, try this.

  1. Duplicate your current "[kmfam]~Get Image for Action (Sub-Macro)" macro.
  2. Delete the original "[kmfam]~Get Image for Action (Sub-Macro)" macro (NOT the copy).
  3. Import this macro:

[kmfam]~Get Image for Action (Sub-Macro).v1.0.2.kmmacros (29.2 KB)

See if it solves the problem (I think it will).

###If it doesn't solve the problem:

You can restore your old macro one of several ways.

  1. If you haven't done anything else you need to keep, you can UNDO back past when you duplcated the macro.
  2. Otherwise, select all the actions in the new macro and delete them (the actions, not the macro).
  3. Copy all the actions from the "COPY" macro, and paste them into the new (now empty) macro.
  4. You can delete the COPY macro if you want.

Here's what I did. I change the image DPI while cropping, then changed it back when done:

Dan, is the issue that @cfriend is seeing occur only with KM 7.3 on a Retina screen?
I have a MBP-15R, but rarely use the Mac’s screen since I have two large external monitors.

Yes. It’s an issue with DPI - that much I’m sure of. I was able to duplicate the problem on my non-Retina display by changing the clipboard image’s DPI to 144 after I did the Copy as Image.

So my fix (what I hope is a fix) is to force the DPI to 72 then mess with the image, then change it back to whatever it was originally (144 for Retina displays).

If you were to use KMFAM Add Action on the Retina display to add a new favorite action, then use KMFAM Select Action and highlight the newly-added action, you should see the issue.

Here is the result of the new macro:

It appears to solve the issue and produce your intended result. :slight_smile:

Not exactly, but it gives me some ideas. I have to go out for a couple of hours. When I come back, I’m going to see if I can make it so I don’t even need to crop the images. That would eliminate the entire issue.


I have a better solution for this, but it will have to wait until I’m ready to release the new version with the other enhancements I’ve been working on. Hopefully sometime this week.

Perhaps when the new release is ready, maybe I could hit you up to test it first, and see if the image issues are resolved? Let me know. Thanks.

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Absolutely. Would you like me to keep a version 7.2.1 or can I upgrade that other computer?

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Yeah, leeway while they came up and showed you their action items punch list and when you asked if they wanted you to cover items on the list they replied. “Oh no, not at all but you might want to take a look at them.” That’s called subtle arm twisting. f

Doesn’t Google do something like an 80/20 work focus where you HAVE to spend part of your time on pet projects?

Dan you are a brainiac.

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You can update both. Thanks!

Would you be interested in testing a pre-release version, to see if it solves your problem, and also to provide some feedback on some other items? It should work just fine (knock on wood) - it just doesn’t have all the new features yet.

Let me know.

Sure. I will message you my info.

Something tells me there’s a macro in the making there.

So Dan is KMFAM your name or something Keyboard Maestro has presented?


Keyboard Maestro Favorite Actions and Macros

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