MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros



No, because as soon as the macro selects the menu item, it finishes. But you could check for a screen image to see if the box is open.


I am unable to install KMFAM. I am running OS 10.12.6 . Every time I run the installer, I get the message below. I have tried moving KM out of and back into the Application folder to get rid of any Translocaction issues, but this did not help. Can you help with this?



Hey @Tomas,

Keyboard Maestro is not translocated – the KMFAM Installer is.

See this to learn how to remove the quarantine bit from a file:

Managing File Quarantine Attributes



December 15, 2018

Hi Chris:

Many thanks for getting back to me. I was able to install the KMFAM.

Is there a way to use KMFAM to insert triggers along with actions/macros? I often use the same trigger settings and would like to automate that portion as well.

For example, I often want to start a new macro with the following triggers (see below) selected. (I have not shown the inserted action, as I do not have a problem with that portion)




No, sorry. But you could keep some starter macros in a group, and just copy them when you need them.


Hey @Tomas,

The simplest way to do that would be to create one or more template macros in a template-macro-group and then use AppleScript to emplace them.

A basic AppleScript to duplicate a given template macro to a given macro group:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   set templateMacro to macro "Templates" -- uniquely named macro of macro group "Template Group"
   set newMacro to item 1 of (duplicate templateMacro to macro group "Test Group")
   select newMacro
end tell

A more sophisticated AppleScript to duplicate a given template macro to the currently selected macro group:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   set selectedMacroGroupList to macro groups whose selected is true
   if length of selectedMacroGroupList = 1 then
      set currentMacroGroupName to name of item 1 of selectedMacroGroupList
      set templateMacro to macro "Templates" -- uniquely named macro of macro group "Template Group"
      set newMacro to item 1 of (duplicate templateMacro to macro group currentMacroGroupName)
      select newMacro
      error "An Incorrect Number of Macro Groups are Selected!"
      beep 2
   end if
end tell

NOTE -- These AppleScripts REQUIRE Keyboard Maestro 8+.



December 16, 2018

Hi Chris:

Thanks for the AppleScripts (relative to inserting triggers with KMFAM) - I hope to be able to try them later this week.




I wish I can get some help about editing the favorite actions. The current problem I face is that I can only add new actions and use them, but I can't be able to edit their name or even delete them. Every time I edit it or delete some of the actions, the next time I open up the Edit panel the actions all revert to the original state. My current workaround is to open the file "FavoriteActions.json" and edit it using TextWrangler, but this method is kind of tedious so I still hope I can be able to edit it just from the Edit panel.

(I'm using a 2015 early MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.14.2)

Edit: Things I've tried so far but nothing worked :disappointed_relieved:
-Clear all kmfav-related variables and macros, delete Resoures folder and install it again
-Delete Keyboard Maestro and KM Engine Accessibility permission, reboot and give it permission again
-Give Keyboard Maestro Full disk access permission, quit the app and restart

Below is my demonstration, any help is appreciated :pray::pray::pray:


For some reason, you're missing the buttons at the bottom of the Edit screen. Try deleting the variable "DND__kmfameWindow Position" and see if that helps.

If that doesn't work, try scrolling the window using your scroll wheel (or whatever you have). Probably won't work, but it's worth a try.

Let me know.


I've reinstalled and delete the variable "DND__kmfameWindow Position", but the button still doesn't shows up. I tried to scroll down using my trackpad but it didn't work either :sob:


You don't happen to know any HTML, do you?


Sadly I don't, but if fixing the problem requires some basic HTML knowledge I think I can google and learn about it.


I just thought of a possible really easy workaround. This assumes you're on the most recent version of KM, because I don't remember exactly when Peter added this option:

In the KM macro "[KMFAM] Edit":


  1. Find the Group highlighted in yellow, and expand it if needed.
  2. Find the action highlighted in green.
  3. Click the "gear" icon, and click "Resizable" so there's a checkmark next to it.
  4. Try editing macros.
  5. When the window opens up, grab the bottom right corner, and expand it.

Hopefully that'll uncover the buttons. You'll have to do it each time, but other than that, it's a pretty easy workaround.

Let me know whether it works or not, or if I didn't explain it well enough, or whatever.

By the way, thanks for the screenshot showing what's wrong. It helps a lot. The animation's cool! Not really needed, but I can appreciate your thoroughness. :smile: And major kudos for having the guts to dig into the json file. :+1:


I have the latest KM (8.2.4), unfortunately the resize method didn't work out either. :sweat:
After I check the Resizable option, I still can't drag down to the bottom.

Thanks for your praise :wink: Really appreciate the time you spent to help me.



Looking into it.


OK, I'm going to give you a really ugly workaround (from a developer's point of view), but hopefully it'll work.

Since you know where the json file is, you know where the folder "prefs" is. At the same level is the folder "lib", and in that folder is "Edit Favorite Actions.html".


Rename it so you can put it back if we mess up.

Download and unzip this file:

Edit Favorite (9.1 KB)

Put it in the "lib" folder, and try editing macros again. Hopefully, the "OK and "Cancel" buttons are at the top, like this (I put a red box around them in this picture):

Let me know if this works.


This method works perfectly, now I'm able to edit and save the results.
Thanks a lot for your effort !!! :smile:

Oh and I guess I can safely delete the original "Edit Favorite Actions.html" right?


Awesome! And I sure hope so. :smirk:No idea if the part of the window that lets you actually edit things will pop up, among other potential problems. But let's keep our fingers crossed.


Just deleted the html and tested editing, it seems that there is no problem so far :+1:


Hello Dan,

First of all, I have to say thank you so much for KMFAM! It is truly amazing!

I do have one question, or I suppose feature request. The application that I mainly use KM for is very finicky and it has several different prompts for different scenarios. Because of this, what I'm trying to do is essentially create "building blocks" that serve as the foundation for a specific task, then can be tweaked for the given scenario to handle the prompts correctly. The end result is that I will have a different KM Macro for each scenario. I have saved the actions I use frequently to my instance of KMFAM, but I noticed that it will not let me save a "Group" of actions. I have somewhat meticulously grouped actions together and named them based on the result of what the group of actions accomplishes. It would be extremely helpful if I could add some of these Groups to KMFAM to serve as my building blocks so that I can insert that group of actions into the next scenario-specific Macro and then just perform the minor tweaks necessary for that new scenario.

Is there any workaround for KMFAM's current lack of support for actions that have been grouped together?