Macro looping indefinitely for unknown reason

I use a couple of macros for Warcraft (I use full window mode instead of full screen mode and it works fine). The macros type F2, type .1 seconds, type F3, pause .1 seconds, F4 and the other one is the same but also adds pause .1 seconds type F5, pause .1 seconds, type F6, pause .1 seconds type F7.

They work well for the most part but lately I’ve had an issue where they just start looping indefinitely. It seems to be getting worse. My last game I closed KM and it still didn’t stop the macro… until I rebooted the machine. Any ideas? Any tips for making it stop if it starts looping?

Quitting the Keyboard Maestro application wont do anything, you need to quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine. If you quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine and Keyboard Maestro application, then Keyboard Maestro will be doing nothing - it does not install anything, so if the two applications are not running, then nothing will be left to run.

If the engine is running, you will see the status menu in the top right corner of your screen.

If the macro is running, you will see it in the Cancel submenu in the Keyboard Maestro status menu.

Perhaps you have multiple of these macros running? Its hard to say just from your description.

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is it possible to have multiple running without realizing it? I don’t see why I would want multiple duplicate macros running at once but I don’ know what’s causing it. There’s no loop in the macro.

Certainly, if you trigger a macro multiple times, and it takes some time to run, you’ll have multiple instances of the same macro running.

The Cancel submenu will list them all if that is the case.