MACRO: Make Macro Alias




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Take your time. Wood will rot, but KM will stay for a while. :grinning:


I’m in the same boat and have been doing this the long way for a while. Too bad I missed this one until just recently. Thanks Dan your Jedi tricks are amazing, this just saved me a lot of time creating links to several macros for the Shuttle Pro 2 macros.


I added an “edit button” to the alias in the form of an Applescript that you can Try to edit the original macro

Make Macro Alias.kmmacros (35.1 KB)

**note I made the set mmaMacro action purple to indicate where I made my change, and I altered the original


This is done for 8.0.


@DanThomas and all:

As always Dan, you have published another great macro, and I have used it a number of times to create “aliases” in another Macro Group that I use as a palette.

Here is an alternate approach that allows you to use the same Macro Group as you normally do, always Active and all Macros in it always available, AND show the macros in that Group in a palette. No aliases or copies required.

See the macro I just published:
###MACRO: Palette Show/Hide Palette for FrontMost App


Amazing. This is why you’re my favorite person.

P.S. - any chance I can get on the beta release channel? :grin:


Version 8.0 is long since released.

You can email support if you are interested in getting beta releases.


I’m hoping there is a chance we can get linked/aliased macro actions in a future KM release. When one copy is altered, they all reflect the changes because they are dynamic aliases of the same action.


Use a sub-macro for that, and then Execute Macro to execute them as subroutines.


Just thinking that linked/aliased macro events might be an elegant feature in future (which obviously means Group event encapsulations could be aliased). That way you can see/edit the events in context and not have to bounce around between editing different macros which may be located in entirely different macro folders, etc.


This might help: