Macro Mouse Click Not Registering in JPEG Mini

I've created a Macro to quickly change a couple settings in an app I use (JPEG Mini).

When I run the macro, I can see the mouse move to where it needs to go, but it doesn't register a click and then completes the macro.

Totally stumped why not??

I'll attach a screenshot showing the macro.

Here's also a screen record link showing the problem...

Sometimes apps are very finicky about how and where they're clicked...

  • Turn off all the secondary actions and focus on the first move and click.

  • Turn OFF restore mouse position.

  • Play around with the location of the click – make certain it's not missing.

If that doesn't work then:

  • Change the first action to move-only.

  • Duplicate it and set the new action to click at the given mouse position.

    • If that doesn’t work then set it to double-click.
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Thanks @ccstone! Worked a charm. Much appreciated :blush: