MACRO: Move and Resize Windows In Any Quadrant, Half, or Full Screen

I use these four macros to use the hotkey combination of Control, Option, Command + any combination of the arrow keys to move and resize the front window to any quadrant or half of the screen, or full screen by using both left and right, or up and down arrows. Your timing does not need to be precise for quadrants or full screen, but if you press the arrow keys slowly the front window will look a little odd until you press the second key.

There's probably a better way, but I don't know it yet :slight_smile: I am only adding one image as an example; all four macros work the same way.

Window Manipulation Macros.kmmacros (27.2 KB)

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I was looking into this as I would like to automate resizing two windows without using the split screen way. I wasn't able to make the hotkey work. If I pressed "try" in KM it worked but not the hotkey. You mentioned about timing not having to be perfect.

Have you enabled the macros? When you import these macros they are in an Examples group, and disabled by default.

Oh sheesh. That was it. Thank you! I was wondering bc now that I get it to work it works so great - if I wanted to have the left window be a certain percentage - say 60 and the right be 40 where in your macros would these percentages go?

Sterling macro this one! Thank you so much.

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Glad you are finding it useful. FYI I posted a cleaner version a few months ago:

Sweet baby Jebus! This solved my issue with 3 displays. Using the old version, the windows would snap back to monitor 1, regardless. Now I can resize and adjust windows within the active display. I wish I understood what makes this difference. Thank you soooo much! Very elegant indeed!

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I think what happened was... I didn't have multiple monitors when I wrote the first macro :sweat_smile: