Macro: Move Front Window to the Display Where the Mouse Is [Multiple Displays]

1. Move the mouse pointer to other display.
2. Type the hot key : Ctrl +Option + Z.
3. Move the front window the Screen where the mouse in.

Apply to multiple displays, not Multiple Desktops

ResizeWindowMultipleDisplay.kmlibrary (11.4 KB)

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I'm having a bit of trouble with this, it only really works after pressing it a few times. In this video, I press it twice to get it to work on the left window, the right window ends up not all the way on the right. Super useful macro, does anyone else have this problem, or a fix?

There is a possibility that the hotkey is blocked by the system, other macros, or other applications. I knew that the macro may not work In some applications. You can try to set to another hotkey.

  1. Find the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu icon in the system toolbar.
  2. Click "Launch Maestro keyboard editor ".
  3. Find this macro and click the red area in the picture, you can change it to another hotkey.

Another possibility is that the window cannot be maximized, but your situation is obviously not suitable. Try running this macro on safari and see if it works.

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