Macro Naming

Is there a way to paste some special symbol (like line break) in the Macro name field so, than it would place the rest of the line - to the end of line in palette (like when you choose the option to show the triggers)?

Otherwise you have to manually calculate the quantity of “spaces” in the Macro Name to see them in one row.

I’m having trouble understanding what you are trying to accomplish.

Perhaps you could include an image of what you have now and what you are trying to achieve?

Not sure, but I think he asks for a manual line break in the macro name that makes the macro name being displayed over two lines in the palette.

If you enter Option-Return the second line is not displayed in the palette.

That is highly unlikely to happen.

Note: Edited to correct a typo which completely reversed what I was intending to say. This is not at all likely to happen I’m afraid.

I was already wondering :wink: (about the first version of your answer)

Ok, thanks!