Macro not firing everytime I click the hotkey

I’m having a strange problem with a macro which is supposed to move mouse cursor and perform a left click.

In particular I’ve created 4 different macros which should click on different coordinates of the screen and are triggered by different hotkeys.

Strange thing is they are working properly but not 100% of the times.

I’ve followed the steps (which peternlewis described in a similar post on this forum) to investigate where the problem is but I couldn’t figure out anything:

I’ve added growl after move mouse and click actions, and even more strangely it works everytime even if the macro didn’t perform the click during that macro.

I encounter the problem randomly and it affects all the 4 macros I’ve made.

Its hard to know for sure, but my guess would be that the click is happening, but the target app is not noticing it, or seeing the click but reading the mouse location instead of the click event.

For difficult apps, you can try things like:

Move Mouse to wherever
Click at 0,0 relative to mouse location

Sometimes that can get better results.

Great! It solved the problem!
Thank you, you made my day.

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