Macro not working in Safari web browser

For some odd reason, one of the popular macros I use, Convert to Title Case, doesn’t work when I type in Safari. It simply pastes the last line of text copied to the named clipboard for Title Case. When I execute the macro in other text applications it works fine. Not sure this is some type of bug.

Most probably a timing or cahcing issue. Post the whole macro to see if we can duplicate the problem.

See the wiki troubleshooting entry: Sometimes the Wrong Thing is Pasted that may have some suggestions.

Hey Peter, thanks for getting back with me. I'll check the wiki for troubling shooting. The problem started occurring I think after my KM 7 upgrade.

Convert to Title Case.kmmacros (3.8 KB)

Without looking at any of the details, or your macro, I have found that sometimes a very short Pause (like 0.2) after a COPY will fix this type of issue.
If you’re changing the Clipboard, then maybe a short Pause after the change before the Paste.

Hey Bakari,

Michael is right.

You had misplaced your pause. On my system the two pauses here get the macro working in BBEdit at least.

Note that it's useless to cut to a named clipboard UNLESS you want to reuse it for something later — when you do this the System Pasteboard is the pipeline to the named clipboard and is still changed.

You can of course manually save and restore it.


In 7.0, the pause for the Copy, Cut, and Copy to Named Clipboard actions are too short - they were supposed to wait until the clipboard changed, and then a little but more, but instead they just wait a little bit.

So for now, you probably want:

  • Copy
  • Pause
  • Copy to Named Clipboard

Sorry. I’ll fix it for 7.0.1.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. But the problem is with using the macro in the Safari web browser. The macro works just fine in regular text browsers. I not to read through Peter’s link about Sometimes the Wrong Thing is Pasted.

I’m having a similar problem with another macro that pastes a word that I copy a Temporary Named Clipboard. It will paste the named clipboard content, but it will hit the Return key two times and then paste the content of the named clipboard. Again, this problem started after the 07 upgrade. Maybe I’ll try repairing permissions in doing a reboot. I really need to get this fixed.

Update: Okay, this solution (“A solution to this may require setting the clipboard, and then executing some other action to wake up the application to the change, such as changing out of the application and then back, or clicking in the menu bar.”) works okay in a Google+ page, for example, but it’s still buggy in WordPress. It still hits the return key twice before pasting. Totally odd.

Hey Bakari,

If this doesn't help then please post your macro, so we can test the actual thing.

Please also provide a public webpage with a text field that exhibits the problem.

I used the editing field on this forum for my tests, and I did have problems.

I had to adjust the timing more than usual.

This adjusted macro works every time for me on my 10.10.4 system with KM7.

The Word-Service from DevonTech works every time too.


Generic-Test 01.kmmacros (2.0 KB)